DNA Replication
Second Edition

Arthur Kornberg
Stanford University

Tania A Baker
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  DNA Structure and Function
Chapter 2:  Biosynthesis of DNA Precursors
Chapter 3:  DNA Synthesis
Chapter 4:  DNA Polymerase I of E. coli
Chapter 5:  Prokaryotic DNA Polymerases Other Than E. coli Pol I
Chapter 6:  Eukaryotic DNA Polymerases
Chapter 7:  RNA Polymerases
Chapter 8:  Primases, Primosomes, and Priming
Chapter 9:  Ligases and Polynucleotide Kinases
Chapter 10:  DNA-Binding Proteins
Chapter 11:  DNA Helicases
Chapter 12:  Topoisomerases
Chapter 13:  Deoxyribonucleases
Chapter 14:  Inhibitors of Replication
Chapter 15:  Replication Mechanisms and Operations
Chapter 16:  Genome Origins
Chapter 17:  Bacterial DNA Viruses
Chapter 18:  Plasmids and Organelles
Chapter 19:  Animal DNA Viruses and Retroviruses
Chapter 20:  Regulation of Chromosomal Replication and Cell Division
Chapter 21:  Repair, Recombination, Transformation, Restriction, and Modification
Chapter 22:  Synthesis of Genes and Chromosomes