Discovering the Cosmos

 R.C. Bless
University of Wisconsin, Madison

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"I was completely delighted with Bob Bless's new book. It strongly addressed the two most serious needs I perceive in the standard menu of introductory astronomy texts: a better treatment of history and more use of mathematics."
--Joe Patterson, Columbia University

"The text is an excellent synthesis of an enormous topic that is presented in a clear, very readable fashion and provides interesting reading along the way."
--Meteoritics & Planetary Society

"If you know your way around the sky, then Bob Bless's entertaining exposition of the nuts and bolts behind the scenes should add an extra dimension to your observations; if you don't, like me, then here is an incentive to get outside, tonight, and have a look."

"This is a very solid astronomy text for undergraduate students. It is a scholarly introduction to a popular science elective. Its depth, rigor and accuracy make it the 1990 successor to the famous 60s and 70s texts of George Abell...The materials on the history of astronomy are the best I have seen in any textbook on astronomy."
--Charles J. Lada, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

"An extremely well-written text. All of astronomy is presented here, in a comprehensive and up-to-date text. The art is excellent, and the text is uniformly well-written. The combination of a significant quantitative content and a liberal arts perspective makes it ideal."
--Kenneth Janes, Boston University

Based on the very popular liberal arts course Bob Bless has taught at University of Wisconsin for over twenty years, this book provides a rich, historical approach to introductory astronomy. It is ideal for use in an introductory astronomy course for nonmajors. An Instructor's Manual, test questions and transparencies are also available for adopting professors.

ISBN 0-935702-67-9, 1996, 750 pages, casebound, 2-color figures, color insert
List Price US$76.00
Publisher's Discount Price US$68.40

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