Information for Bookstores

"Your company has the best sell through of any small publisher that I have dealt with. Returns are virtually nonexistent." --Martha P. Sanders, Harvard Coop

University Science Books offers agency discounts to bookstores with the following terms:

To qualify for an agency account, we ask that new bookstores order five or more books. Because we are a small independent publisher without a designated sales force, we rely on your buyer to initiate follow-up and restocking orders.

If your store already has an agency account with University Science Books, you may place your order by calling our Customer Service Department at 703-661-1572, or by faxing us at 703-661-1501.

If you do not have an agency account but would like to set one up, click on "New Agency Account" below and email or fax the requested information to our Customer Service Department.

New Agency Account