Afterglow of Creation

Marcus Chown

  1. Introduction: The world through microwave eyes
    Part I: The Toughest Measurement in Science
  2. The Big Bang -- How did we come to believe such a ridiculous idea?
  3. The Restless Universe -- How Einstein missed the message in his own equations
  4. The Primeval Fireball -- Cooking up the elements in a hot Big Bang
  5. Taking the Temperature of the Universe -- The search for the fireball radiation
  6. The Ghost Signal at 4080 Megacycles -- Problems with an ice-cream cone antenna
  7. A Tale of Two Telephone Calls -- How the fireball radiation came to be found
  8. Afterglow of Creation -- Why did nobody find the fireball radiation earlier?
  9. The Toughest Measurement in Science -- Twenty-five years of ill-fated experiments
  10. Bumps But No Wiggles -- The cosmic background throws up some puzzles
  11. Part II: The Golden Age of Cosmology
  12. An Eye Above the Atmosphere -- NASA decides to nail the problem once and for all
  13. The Nine-Minute Spectrum -- COBE gets a standing ovation
  14. Cosmic Ripples -- COBE finds the seeds of galaxies
  15. The Hype and the Hysteria -- How the COBE results became front-page news
  16. The Universe According to COBE -- Galaxy formation, dark matter and inflation
  17. The Golden Age of Cosmology -- Life after COBE
  18. Epilog
    Wrinkles in Time