Principles of NMR Spectroscopy
An Illustrated Guide

David P. Goldenberg.
University of Utah


  1. An overview of modern solution NMR

  2. An introduction to spin and nuclear magnetism

  3. Early NMR experiments

  4. Chemical information from resonance frequencies

  5. The pulse NMR methods: The pulse

  6. The pulse NMR method: The signal and spectrum

  7. Relaxation

  8. A more mathematical look at relaxation

  9. Cross relaxation and the nuclear Overhauser effect

  10. Two-dimensional NMR experiments

  11. The mathematical formalism of quantum mechanics

  12. More quantum mechanics: Time and energy

  13. Quantum description of a scalar-coupled spin pair

  14. NMR spectroscopy of a weakly-coupled spin pair

  15. Two-dimensional spectra based on scalar coupling

  16. Heteronuclear NMR techniques

  17. Introduction to the density matrix

  18. The product-operator formalism

  Appendix A: List of symbols, numerical constants and abbreviations
  Appendix B: Trigonometric functions and complex numbers
  Appendix C: Fourier series and transforms
  Appendix D: Vectors and matrices
  Appendix E: Mathematics for uncoupled spin-1/2 particles
  Appendix F: Mathematics of the two-spin system