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Molecular Origami

Precision Scale Models from Paper

Robert M. Hanson
Saint Olaf College

"...a must for every high school chemistry classroom!"

"Useful in teaching chemical bonding concepts not only in high school and freshman chemistry classes, but also in undergraduate inorganic chemistry."

"This unusual, useful, and enlightening volume is clearly a labor of love. It offers students and science teachers a unique, entertaining, hands-on approach to stereochemistry and makes an ideal gift for budding scientists."
--Instructional Media

"Each pattern comes complete with chemistry questions to set students thinking...If you've never puzzled over the shape of a dodecaborane, you will now."
--New Scientist

"Even the most uncoordinated klutz can assemble some of the simpler folded models, and -- believe it or not -- a few models (of linear and diatomic molecules) don't require folding!...Molecules are beautiful. A lot can be learned by making and examing models of them. At least one student and teacher recommend Molecular Origami to other students and teachers."
--Current Biology

"Students will come to really understand bonding and stereochemistry while they are having fun...a unique approach!"
--F. Thomas Bond, University of California at San Diego

"This book is a must for every high school chemistry classroom!"
--James Bryn, Sparks High School, Nevada

This is a fun, hands-on guide to understanding the basic structure and chemistry of matter. Drawing on the Japanese art of paperfolding, the book provides rip-out patterns for 124 molecules, along with easy instructions for folding them into scale models, many of which are three-dimensional. The molecules progress from simple ones like methane to more exotic structures such as quartz and buckminsterfullerenes. Questions and discussions are included.

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ISBN 978-0-935702-30-9, 1995, 255 pages, paper
List Price US$48.00
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