Organotransition Metal Chemistry

From Bonding to Catalysis

John Hartwig
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

With Contributions by Patrick J. Walsh, Geoffrey W. Coates, Charles P. Casey, Jack R. Norton and others


Chapter 1

Structure and Bonding

Chapter 2

Dative Ligands

Chapter 3

Covalent Ligands  Bound Through Metal-Carbon and Metal-Hydride Bonds

Chapter 4

Covalent Ligands Bound Through Metal-Heteroatom Bonds

Chapter 5

Ligand Substitution Reactions

Chapter 6

Oxidative Addition of Non-Polar Reagents

Chapter 7

Oxidative Addition of Polar Reagents

Chapter 8

Reductive Elimination

Chapter 9

Migratory Insertion

Chapter 10

Elimination Reactions

Chapter 11

Nucleophilic Attack on Coordinated Ligands

Chapter 12

Electrophilic Attack on Coordinated Ligands

Chapter 13

Metal-Ligand Multiple Bonds

Chapter 14

Principles of Catalysis

Chapter 15

Homogenous Hydrogenation

Chapter 16

Hydrofunctionalization and Oxidative Functionalization of Olefins

Chapter 17

Catalytic Carbonylation

Chapter 18

Catalytic C-H Functionalization

Chapter 19

Cross Coupling

Chapter 20

Allylic Substitution

Chapter 21

Catalytic Metathesis of Olefins and Alkynes

Chapter 22

Olefin Polymerization