Special Relativity

T. M. Helliwell
Harvey Mudd College


1. Inertial Frames and Classical Mechanics

2. Light and the Ether

3. Einstein's Postulates

4. Time Dilation

5. Lengths

6. Simultaneity

7. Paradoxes

8. The Lorentz Transformation

9. Spacetime

10. Momentum

11. Energy

12. Applications

13. Transforming Energy and Momentum

14. Gravitation


A.  The Binomial Approximation

B. The "Paradox" of Light-Spheres

C. The  Appearance of Moving Objects

D. The Twin Paradox Revisited

E. The "Cosmic Speed Limit:"

F. "Relativistic Mass" and Relativistic Forces

G. The Ultimate Relativistic Spaceflight

H. Nuclear Decays, Fission and Fusion

I. Some Particles

J. Relativity and Electromagnetism

Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems