General Chemistry

Fourth Edition

Donald A. McQuarrie
University of California, Davis

Peter A. Rock
University of California, Davis

Ethan B. Gallogly
Santa Monica College

Now Available as eTextbook with Fully Integrated Online Homework

University Science Books is excited to announce a new partnership with Sapling Learning to provide Sapling Learning’s innovative online homework solution for USB’s Atoms-First General Chemistry, 4th edition textbook, by Mcquarrie, Rock and Gallogly.

Sapling Learning’s eTextbooks combine the knowledge and study functions of a traditional textbook with the search capabilities and portability of an online resource. Students access their online homework, with an eTextbook linked as a resource for deeper understanding of the relevant course topic. Our user-friendly interface lets students solve homework problems with targeted, instructional feedback responding to student mistakes, just like a personal tutor. Sapling’s flexible eTextbook features help students consume textbook content to best suit their learning style.

*Software is fully compatible with both Mac and Windows on most internet browsers.

US $ Pricing:
eTextbook plus Online Homework for One Semester, "OLE": 
ISBN 978-1-938694-53-0, US $90.00
eTextbook plus Online Homework for Two Semesters, "OLE": ISBN 978-1-938694-54-7, US $ 115.00

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