Mathematics for Physical  Chemistry

Opening Doors

Donald A. McQuarrie
University of California, Davis


Chapter 1: Functions of a Single Variable: Differentiation

Chapter 2: Functions of a Single Variable: Integration

Chapter 3: Series and Limits

Chapter 4: Functions Defined as Integrals

Chapter 5: Complex Numbers

Chapter 6: Differential Equations

Chapter 7: Power Series Solutions of Differential Equations

Chapter 8: Orthogonal Polynomials

Chapter 9: Fourier Series

Chapter 10: Fourier Transforms

Chapter 11: Operators

Chapter 12: Functions of Several Variables

Chapter 13: Vectors

Chapter 14: Coordinate Systems

Chapter 15: The Classical Wave Equation

Chapter 16: The Schrödinger Equation

Chapter 17: Determinants

Chapter 18: Matrices

Chapter 19: Matrix Eigenvalue Problems

Chapter 20: Vector Spaces

Chapter 21: Probability

Chapter 22: Statistics

Chapter 23: Numerical Methods