Statistical Thermodynamics

By Donald A. McQuarrie

University of California, Davis

Now available in paperback, this popular text contains the first fifteen chapters of Statistical Mechanics by the same author. Ideal for a senior or first-year graduate level introduction to this important topic.

About the Author
As the author of landmark chemistry books and textbooks, Donald McQuarrie's name is synonymous with excellence in chemical education.  From his classic text on Statistical Mechanics to his recent quantum-first tour de force on Physical Chemistry, McQuarrie's best selling textbooks are highly acclaimed by the chemistry community.  McQuarrie received his PhD from the University of Oregon, and is Professor Emeritus from the Department of Chemistry at the University of California, Davis.  He makes his home at The Sea Ranch in California with his wife Carole, where he continues to write.

ISBN 0-935702-18-0, 1985, 343 pages, paper
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