The Physical Universe

An Introduction to Astronomy

Frank H. Shu
University of California, Berkeley

Part 1: Basic Principles
1. The Birth of Science
2. Classical Mechanics, Light, and Astronomical Telescopes
3. The Great Laws of Microscopic Physics
4. The Great Laws of Macroscopic Physics
Part II: The Stars
5. The Sun as a Star
6. Nuclear Energy and Synthesis of the Elements
7. The End States of Stars
8. Evolution of the Stars
9. Star Clusters and the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
10. Binary Stars
Part III: Galaxies and Cosmology
ll.The Material Between the Stars
12. Our Galaxy: The Milky Way System
13. Quiet and Active Galaxies
14. Clusters of Galaxies and the Expansion of the Universe
15. Gravitation and Cosmology
16. The Big Bang and the Creation of the Material World
Part IV: The Solar System and Life
17. The Solar System
18. Origin of the Solar System
19. The Nature of Life on Earth
20. Life and Intelligence in the Universe