Organic Chemistry, First Edition

Thomas N. Sorrell
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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"an exceptional text..."

"Sorrell has produced a unique organic chemistry textbook.  He has managed to integrate an enormous amount of biological material into the text and do it in a way that successfully shows the relationship between simple organic reactions and complex biological processes.  This approach may well be the "new wave" in organic texts, and Sorrell's effort deserves a serious look." --Journal of Chemical Education

"It is a tour de force. It should be the number one choice for courses composed of the more capable undergraduates."
J. William Suggs, Brown University

"This is an exceptional text, one of the best I have ever read. The text is both thorough and very well written. Biological examples are incorporated throughout and give good incentive for understanding the topics."
--Professor Tom Bond, University of California at San Diego

"The easy reading style and excellent examples related to biology will engage my pre-med and biology majors. I like the fact that this book treats these biological applications as "real" organic chemistry. Biology IS organic chemistry!"
--Professor Andrew French, Albion College

This brilliantly innovative textbook constructs organic chemistry from the ground up. By focusing on the points of reactivities in organic molecules -- showing why they are reactive, what kinds of moieties react by certain pathways, and how surroundings may alter the reactivity -- this text allows students to approach more and more complex molecules with enhanced understanding. Also noteworthy are the biochemical examples for their variety, substance, and depth. Despite its unique emphasis on reactivity, the book facilitates easy adoption by covering organic compound classes in a traditional order. Hundreds of worked examples and student exercises combine with clear writing and sound pedagogy to make this text an exceptional choice.

Key Features of This Edition:

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