Organic Chemistry
Second Edition

Thomas Sorrell, University of North Carolina

Test Drivers' Page

The Winner is Announced!

Congratulations to Joanna Puszka at CU, Denver for finding the following error, which required both perception and understanding:

Page 310, Example 10.2:  The energy diagram at the bottom of the page is correct, but the corresponding pictures of the sp3 and 1s orbitals, above and below the diagram, should be flipped around. Right now it seems as though the sp3 orbital belongs to the hydrogen atom and the 1s orbital belongs to the carbon atom. It should actually be reversed, with the 1s orbital on the side with hydrogen and the sp3 orbital on the side with the carbon atom.

We also wish to thank all the professors and students who class tested our pre-publication electronic edition of Organic Chemistry, Second Edition, and the accompanying Solutions Manual by Thomas Sorrell.