10/99 Review of Sorrell's Organic Chemistry by adopting professor at Brown University

"Tom's book is so far a great success, it has exceeded expectations.  I was worried that students would find it too hard, but they have not.  They like it, they tell me.  Even its heft is not such a problem.  I had a student say it gives them a sense of being a top gun, having such a big book to carry around (a look what I can do attitude). 

"Quantitatively, on our first exam, my averages are normally around 70, but this year the average on the first exam was 81, and I thought the questions were normally hard.  Perhaps it's the chalk, but I think the book's willingness to spend as much time as needed on a subject, looking at each important topic in depth, instead of leaving things out that others may feel is too hard, helps answer all student's questions as they read it. 

"In summary, this book is a real success.  Students so far have been doing better, demonstrating a deeper understanding of the material with this book than any other book I have used.  And this is with the nonmajors, not the honors section.  I would advise anyone who has students with a decent background to use this book."

--Bill Suggs, Brown University