Solutions to Exercises
Organic Chemistry, First Edition

Thomas N. Sorrell
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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To accompany Thomas Sorrell's Organic Chemistry textbook, this manual includes solutions for every one of the textbook's 1031 exercises. Most of the answers begin by outlining the approach needed to solve the problem, and many provide step-by-step instructions that guide the student through the actual solution, while highlighting the concepts that are important to learn. Key concepts are also cross-referenced to material in the text. Students of organic chemistry will find this manual to be an invaluable study guide and reference.

Solutions Manual Only: ISBN 1-891389-03-3, 1999, 712 pages, paper
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Solutions Manual + Textbook: ISBN 1-891389-08-4, 1999, set price includes this Solutions Manual + the accompanying textbook, Organic Chemistry (1472 pages, casebound)
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