Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

A Time-Dependent Perspective

David Tannor
Weizmann Institute of Science


I Pictures and Concepts

1.      The Time Dependent Schrdinger Equation

2.      The Free Particle Wave Packet

3.      The Gaussian Wavepacket

4.      Classical-Quantum Correspondence

5.      The Wigner Representation

6.      Correlation Functions and Spectra

7.      One Dimensional Barrier Scattering

II Formal Theory and Methods of Approximation

8.      Linear Algebra and Quantum Mechanics

9.      Approximate Solutions

10.  Semiclassical Mechanics

11.  Numerical Methods

III Applications

12 Introduction to Molecular Dynamics

            13 Femtosecond Pulse Pair Excitation

            14 One- and Two-Photon Electronic Spectroscopy

            15 Strong Field Excitation

            16 Design of Femtosecond Pulse Sequences to Control Reactions

            17 Wavepacket Approach to Photodissociation

            18 Wavepacket Approach to Reactive Scattering

            19 Projects