Modern Molecular Photochemistry
of Organic Molecules

Nicholas J. Turro
Columbia University

V. Ramamurthy
University of Miami

Juan Scaiano
University of Ottawa


    1. Molecular Photochemistry of Organic Compounds: An Overview
    2. Electronic, Vibrational, and Spin Configurations of Electronically Excited States
    3. Transitions between States: Photophysical Processes
    4. Radiative Transitions between Electronic States
    5. Photophysical Radiationless Transitions
    6. A Theory of Molecular Organic Photochemistyr
    7. Energy Transfer and Electron Transfer

    8. Mechanistic Organic Photochemistry
    9. Photochemistry of Carbonyl Compounds
    10. Photochemistry of Olefins
    11. Photochemistry of Enones and Dienones
    12. Photochemistry of Aromatic Molecules
    13. Supramolecular Organic Photochemistry
    14. Molecular Oxygen and Organic Photochemistry
    15. A Generalization of the Photochemistry of Organic Molecules