Fundamentals of Asymmetric Catalysis

Patrick J. Walsh 
Marisa C. Kozlowski

University of Pennsylvania



Introduction to Fundamentals of Asymmetric Catalysis

1. Modes of Asymmetric Induction

2. Lewis Acid and Lewis  Base Catalysis

3. Beyond Lewis Acid and Lewis Base Catalysis

4. Asymmetric Induction in Enantioselective Catalysis

5. Nonclassical Two Point Catalyst Substrate Interactions

6. Chiral Poisoning, Chiral Activation, and Screening Achiral Ligands

7. Kinetic Resolution

8. Parallel Kinetic Resolution 

9. Dynamic Kinetic Resolution and Dynamic Kinetic Asymmetric Transformations

10. Desymmetrization Reactions

11. Nonlinear Effects, Autocatalysis, and Autoinduction

12. Bifunctional, Dual, and Multifunctional Catalyst Systems

13. Asymmetric Catalysis with Homochiral Substrates: Double Diastereoselection

14. Multistep Asymmetric Catalysis

15. Supported Catalysts

16. Applications of Asymmetric Catalysis in Synthesis